PDO Threads

What it is:  PDO threads offer the very latest technology for non-invasive lifting procedure with soft, natural-looking results. The PDO thread lift is designed for effective facial rejuvenation without surgery, which means less downtime at a comparatively lower cost with lower risk and minimal aftercare following treatment.

Available in  Mono (smooth threads without barb),  Screw (threads intertwined together around the needle), and  Cog (mono threads, but with barbs).

What’s inside:  Polydioxanone (PDO), a material most commonly used for stitching suture in surgeries. The effects of polydioxanone (PDO) threads can last between 6 to 12 months. With the threads completely dissolved and absorbed by the skin after 6 months, it helps to stimulate the production and synthesis of collagen in the skin for up to 12 months.

PDO threads, if used correctly, can be very effective in face shaping, contouring and rejuvenation procedures.

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