PLLA Threads

What it is:  PLLA threads are a relatively new option for thread lifting – a procedure that provides an immediate lifting effect, accompanied by a long term regeneration of collagen and natural volume.

Available in  Mono  (smooth threads without barb) and  Screw (threads intertwined together around the needle).

What’s inside:  Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), a biodegradable material with good resorbability and bio-compatibility. Sometimes used as an alternative to fillers and botulinum toxin, PLLA can function as a volumizer and is able to stimulate the collagen production collagen.

This material has a lifetime of two years or more and once dissolved, the PLLA breaks down into harmless ordinary substances like Lactic Acid, glucose, carbon dioxide, and water, which are naturally excreted through the body’s natural metabolism processes.

One benefit of using PLLA over PDO threads is that it causes almost no or a very small amount of inflammatory reaction to the surrounding tissues, yet delivering similar, if not better results.

Advantages of PLLA Threads:
• Long-lasting results – generally longer lasting than PDO threads
• Super-fine – less visible after the procedure
• Transparent – invisible through the skin
• Excellent safety record over 30 years
• Naturally broken down within the body over about 18 months
• Results last around 24 months and wear off gradually
• The procedure can be repeated again if required

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